We're a group of Christians who want to love Jesus more and more and help others to do the same. God's message to everyone is 'gospel' - good news - that is completely life-changing. If you'd like to find out more about who Jesus is and what he's done, please check out this short video. Or even better, come and meet us!

Our foundation is that the God of the Bible is real and we are a people loved in Jesus. 

Our purpose is to help people love Jesus more and more. 

We have four aspirations as a church:


To build community

God is creating and forming for himself a new community of people that know and love him. We will build each other up in faith and reach out to others with the good news about Jesus.  We will be an open and welcoming community to people of different cultures and backgrounds.

To grow in diversity 

We celebrate that our local community is socially, ethnically and culturally diverse.  We want our church to grow to reflect the diversity of these local communities, as a mini fulfilment of our future to be united with people from every ethnicity, culture and nation in the new world.

To live authentically 

We want to put to death sin and live godly lives that are distinctive in the world around us.  We want to obey Jesus and so our Bible teaching will have a strong emphasis on living in accordance with our beliefs.  We recognise this as essential to our mission as a church.

To serve locally

We want to be a truly local church that is in touch with what is going on in the world around us, and involved and integrated in the life of the city and our local community, showing it great love and service.



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Jonny Richards

With his wife Anneli, Jonny has had a passion for church planting in our community since moving here over a decade ago. One of his roles is to be a human climbing frame for his three daughters. The other is as TGC’s full time pastor. This keeps him pretty busy but when he can snatch a moment, you’ll find him on a rugby field or travelling to the sea to do a bit of surfing.



Jonny moved to Birmingham in 2011and loves the city. He lives with his wife, Joanna and son, Josiah. Jonny loves learning more about God and seeing God's word change people's lives. He earns a living by writing English exam questions for Year 2 and Year 6 children and relaxes by eating peri-peri chicken with a good film. 



Toby moved to Birmingham in 2011 to train as a teacher. He has since got married to Kath and had a son, Benjamin. He currently works as leader in a Birmingham secondary school. He has a heart for telling people the good news about Jesus Christ. As a born country-boy, the city life has won him over, but he does his best to find a spot to fish and piece of meat to cook on the barbecue.